Halal Determinants and Validation

Identifying products as halal has adequate a process that involves proper quality control.

An authentic, certified halal mark is the ultimate determinant of a halal product but before an official mark is placed on an item, stringent measures are in place and further documentation is required from the firms, businesses and agencies involved in production and certification.

• Issued by laboratories and prepared by technical experts, a halal report is a comprehensive examination of a product sample, which is tested for traces of haram ingredients.
• Issued by certification bodies, which are either private or public, and applied for by manufacturers and distributors, a halal certificate affirms that the product has been thoroughly evaluated and has passed halal standards in place.
• A halal certificate is based on the assessment of all the stages and conditions involved in the pre-farm to fork process.
• Certification bodies look into the following:
• The product composition based on the report
• The method by which it is prepared, processed and packaged
• The tools and machines used in the process
• The hygiene and safety within the slaughterhouse and manufacturer premises
• The farms where the animals lived
• The halal certificate is an important requirement for accreditation bodies to license the halal mark.
• Monitored and evaluated by regulatory body, usually a sole government entity in a country, a halal mark is a proprietary label placed on a product packaging.
• Used by the public in making halal choices, a halal mark is the most crucial determinant of Sharee’a-compliant products.
• In evaluating and ensuring the credibility of halal marks, accreditation bodies do the following:
• Monitors all the other entities involved in halal procedures
• Ensures halal standards are strictly enforced and properly applied


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