What are non-food halal products

While food is considered a main concern, halal products is not limited to items people eat and drink. Considering that animals are also used for other products, some non-food items and systems may then be classified as halal or haram. Examples of them are as follows:

• Cosmetics and personal care items become haram when it contains an ingredient derived from an animal considered haram. For example, a lipstick may contain pork fat

• While there are still debates on whether halal standards in food shall be applied to medicines, jurists are unanimous in the belief that any medicine with a haram component may be permissible based on a proper Fatwa.

• Along with the growing number of Muslims is the growing demand for halal holiday destinations, which involve recreational activities that are aligned with the principles of Islam. These include the following:
• Cafes, lounges and restaurants serving halal food and non-alcoholic drinks.
• Separate swimming pools, spa and leisure activities for men and women.
• Beaches for families where women can wear Islamic swimming dress code.



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