What is not Halal

In differentiating halal from haram in food and other products, the cardinal rule is simple: Everything is halal except for specific things that have been mentioned in the Quran as haram.

The ground basis for everything halal is relatively simple, too: Whatever’s good for you is halal, hence all that is haram has been determined in the Quran to keep you away from harm.

• Carrion: strangled and fatally beaten animal, animal dead through falling from a height, horn-butted animal, animal which has been partially devoured by predatory animals and animal which has been dedicated to any, other than God.
• Predatory animals with claws and fangs such as lions, tigers, and bears
• Predatory birds of prey, such as eagles, falcons, vultures and other similar birds
• Pests such as rats, centipedes, scorpions and other similar animals
• Amphibians such as frogs, crocodiles and other similar animals
• Animals that could not be killed according to Islamic law, such as ants, bees and woodpeckers.

• Slaughter (dabh): Involves the cutting of the animal’s wind pipe, esophagus, and jugular veins. This method is mostly used in the case of sheep, cattle and birds.
• Slaying (nahr): Involves stabbing the animal in the lower part of the neck, then severing, with a knife, down through the upper part of the chest. This method is mostly used in the case of camels.
• Stabbing (agr): Involves fatally wounding an unmanageable animal, be it a type of wild animal which is lawful to hunt or of livestock animal known to fierce.

The slaughter ritual shall be conducted in the following method:
• The slaughter must be carried out under the supervision of a rational Muslim who is an expert on the rules of the ritual (Dakah).
• The slaughter tool shall be made from any material except bones or nails.
• The slaughter tool shall be clean and sharp that cuts by its sharp edge and not by its weight.
• If an animal must be slain, the slaying shall be carried out as completely as possible.
• The automatic slaughtering system refers to using a machine that has been adjusted so as to cut only the four jugular veins without the whole neck and this shall be from the front side and not from one of the neck sides.
• Beating on head or similar action, such as using of bolt shot pistol or nonpenetrative percussion or stunning by carbon dioxide is not permitted.
• In case of low-voltage electrical stunning, which is directed only on the head, the animals shall remain alive even after being stunned, so it can be killed in accordance to the ritual. This can be indicated by animal movements after slaughtering.
• Animals that die before the slaughter are considered to be carrion and are no longer halal.
• Electrical stunning is not allowed in case of birds.

• God’s name should be invoked on the animal to be slaughtered, by saying “In the Name of God”.
• Animal slaughter shall be carried out by cutting the animal’s wind pipe, esophagus and jugular veins and slaughtering shall be carried out from the front side “toward the chest” and not from behind “toward the back”.
• Animal’s neck shall not be cut or broken and no any similar act shall be made until bleeding of blood is stopped.
• No part shall be cut from the animal’s body before the animal’s death.
• The slaughter and storage shall not be carried out in places and with tools used for animals which are haram.

• Pre-farm raw materials
• Animal treatment and feeding
• Hygiene within the premises where the animals are kept
• Weight and measurement of the packaged meat
• Safety and freshness

• Intoxicating and hazardous plants except those which the toxin or hazard can be eliminated during processing
• Fruits that have been processed and altered to become hazardous to health and intoxicating (such as wine)
• Anything infused with alcohol

• Blood
• Feces and urine
• Placental tissue


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