How IHAF supports the halal industry

By creating a global network of accreditation entities and putting universal standards in place; IHAF produces a host of benefits that ripples through the industry, from the government and the business community down to the public.

Here’s how stakeholders benefit from IHAF:

• Assured that the halal products traded within the IHAF sphere have been thoroughly examined and certified based on mutually accepted standards; thus streamlining procedures and minimizing evaluation costs
• Given the opportunity to strengthen country-to-country bilateral ties and forge multilateral trade agreements for halal products

• Assured that:
– Conformity assessment bodies are verified and regularly monitored
– Provided with the trusted tools that ensure the safety, quality and Shari’ah-compliance of halal-marked products within IHAF’s parameters

Given IHAF’s global reputation in ensuring standards are strictly enforced, halal products and systems of an IHAF member country are essentially qualified to circulate within the network and are thus recognized by other member countries.

Slaughtering houses and manufacturers
• Gain access to the global market by virtue of IHAF’s wide network of halal accreditation bodies and its global reputation

Certification / inspection bodies
• Essentially enabled to offer their services to other IHAF member countries
Accreditation Agencies”
• Confident that their competencies are widely recognized and are up to the best global standards

• Provided with customer satisfaction that the halal-marked products they buy in the market are safe, fully Shariah-compliant and have been examined and tested according to global standards


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